Nicki Behmer Popp for Legislature District 25

Nicki Behmer Popp for Legislature

About Nicki

Nicki Behmer Popp is a proud local business owner. She and her husband, Josh, started the Provision Realty Group with RE/MAX Concepts. As a realtor, she believes her job is to be an ambassador for the community and to help make Lincoln a place where people want to live, work and play. She was elected to the Lincoln Airport Authority board in 2021. Additionally, she serves on the boards of Civic Nebraska and Friends of Lied and is a former board member of Hope Spoke and the Hayden Art Center. Nicki is a member of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Realtor’s Association of Lincoln, serving on the public policy subcommittee.

Previously, Nicki spent ten years in the Nebraska Legislature in roles that involved assisting in policy-making decisions and advocacy. During this time, she worked on various issues, including incentives for redevelopment and preservation of historic properties to help create jobs and drive economic development in both rural and urban communities.

Nicki holds an M.A. from the University of Nebraska and a B.A from Hastings College. She and Josh have two boys, Hayden and Ian. In her spare time, she loves designing, traveling, spending time with her family, music, attending live performances, reading, and playing golf.

Why I'm Running

I am running for the legislature to use my experience as a small business owner, realtor, mother, and policy aide to prioritize solutions to the real issues affecting Nebraskans. Our Unicameral has historically been the most effective legislature in our nation, and it is important that we preserve that legacy and not let Washington D.C.-type politics get in the way of progress. Our one-house legislature is as unique and special as we are, and I want to serve to protect the interests of the people. 

As a state senator, I will prioritize housing affordability, promote small businesses, and protect public education. I pledge to put people over politics and will work diligently to keep Nebraska a great place for everyone to live, work, and play.   



Serving on the Lincoln Airport Authority has been an honor. I am proud of our board's accomplishments in my time serving, including:


Prioritizing Housing Affordability

Homeownership is one of the best paths to building long-term wealth, and Lincoln faces a critical shortage of available homes. When people get into homes they can afford, they have more expendable funds to spend on food and other consumer goods. They help local businesses because they can afford to eat in restaurants and shop in stores. If elected, I will work with all levels of government and stakeholders to find commonsense, creative solutions to help address our local housing crisis.

Promoting Small Business

As a small business owner, I understand the complexities and hard work it takes to run a business. The Business and Democracy Initiative reports that 96% of business leaders believe a well-functioning democracy is vital to a strong economy. Likewise, political instability undermines preconditions for economic success by increasing capital costs, stifling innovation, and impacting supply chains. If elected, I will work to provide support to small businesses to help owners continue to be active in their communities.

Protecting Public Education

Nebraskans are proud of our public schools. As a mom of two boys who attend Lincoln Public Schools, I believe in the importance of ensuring access to a quality education for all children.
Nationally, education has become a complex and compelling topic. Teachers and administrators are dealing with burn-out at higher rates than ever before, schools are facing workforce shortages as seen in other sectors, students have had a difficult time recovering from lost learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and tax dollars have been diverted away from funding public schools which puts additional pressure on already burdensome property taxes.

If elected, I will: ​

  • Prioritize equity-focused policies that will close gaps and aid recovery from unfinished learning;

  • Support policies that invest in a strong teacher pipeline, bolster competitive compensation, and improve teaching and learning conditions;

  • Ensure parents continue to have unencumbered involvement in their children’s education; and

  • Protect taxpayers from the unfair burden of shifting resources away from public schools.


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